One of the south African’s favourite resorts, imposing and impressive, the elegent five-star Sugur Beach unfurls along the sun-
drenched, sheltered bay of Flic-en-Flac, bordered by crystalline waters, manicured gardens and one of the most picturesque
beaches on the island.

Islands in the Indian Ocean sun

Do you have islomania and is an obsession a desirable trait?

Good questions.

Humans are strange creatures; we crave company, adventure, beautiful surroundings, kinship and companionship; we are averse to being deprived of any of those, yet we seek silence, solitude, peace and time alone with nature.

The best way to mix all of these is an island getaway.

Sugar Beach Mauritius

The romance and lure of a tropical island has its origins in famous novels like Treasure Island, with its swashbuckling heroes and villains, movies such as Blue Lagoon with its innocence and fragility, to the adventures of Indiana Jones and hey, even Castaway.

A part of us yearns for an adrenaline rush, a sense of ‘living on the edge’ and cause to appreciate Life, while the other side seeks predictability, consistency, calmness and a form of peace.

Tropical islands evoke all of this. Maybe it has something to do with the verdancy, the canopies of leaves above our heads, the strong perfume of wildflowers, birdsong and the surreptitious rustle of small forest life in the underbrush? Sea islands also possibly hold an awe of nostalgia when they have volcanic mountains that reach into the mist, with waterfalls and secret animal tracks that lead into the unknown.

Then there are island countries where a necklace of coral atolls string together to form a country, such as the Maldives.

Kanuhura Maldives

In fact, those of us who seek an island refuge could possibly suffer from ‘islomania’, an obsessional enthusiasm or partiality for islands, according to Collins Dictionary.

Billionaires are famous for buying up islands, and for good reason, for they afford ultimate privacy in a world, nay, a kingdom, a small slice of Paradise, of their own.

But you don’t have to own an island to enjoy the beauty of an island holiday. Yes, it’s temporary, but then you don’t have the tax issues, maintenance and upkeep hassles!

Machangulo Mozambique

There are many islands in the Indian Ocean that offer adventure, sport, leisure, wedding venues, getting in touch with nature and just simply an escape from the humdrum of everyday. With accommodation ranging from 3-5 stars, your comfort is guaranteed. You won’t have time to do everything available on many of them, so pack prepared for a full itinerary, if that’s your choice, or a sarong and a good book, if that’s more your style.

Take a well-earned break, find your own piece of Indian Ocean Paradise and plan your next holiday.

Gold Zanzibar


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