Adaaran Prestige Vadoo


Illuminate your spirit for carefree, easy living in this paradise of light.



Let loose to the island's rhythm and light up the dance floor as you celebrate the tropical nights.


Water activities, relaxing spa treatments, premium dining and much more awaits you at Vadoo.


Sunset on the beach or tucked away under palm trees, the perfect day you imagine is our pleasure to create.


Breathe easy in beautifully-appointed luxury accommodation, nestled between the coral-reef lagoon and lush tropical gardens.



​Children are not accommodated at the Water Villas unless a disclaimer is signed by parents.


With two of the Maldives’ best restaurants and two stunning bars on offer, you’ll be spoilt for culinary choice, with the option to sample a variety of tasty exotic dishes and delicious cocktails. 

Wine and dine in warm Maldivian hospitality, with the island’s unique ambience and tropical energy creating a vibrant and inviting atmosphere in which to enjoy all the exciting flavours on offer.  


Enjoy a holiday as active or as laid-back as you prefer, with a wide selection of activities and attractions on offer. The resort’s extensive facilities include beach volleyball, a swimming pool, shops, snorkelling, scuba diving, and a gym.

We also offer an array of excursions to satisfy the explorer in you, including aerial photo tours, parasailing, a whale submarine excursion and a variety of sightseeing tours around the neighbouring islands. 


With your very own wedding coordinator to help you plan every detail of your wedding, it’s sure to be a hassle-free process and an unforgettable day!
Whether you want to get married at sunset on the beach or tucked away under palm trees in the pristine gardens, there’s no shortage of choices for your perfect moment.

Whether you choose a Sunrise, Sunset or Honeymoon Villa to stay in, you’ll be met with uncompromising luxury and breath-taking views, and your every need taken care of by an attentive butler in 5-star style.

Each of our 50 villas combines elegant simplicity and disciplined luxury, providing the perfect setting in which to shake off your worldly cares and replenish yourself in a tranquil environment where you want for nothing. 


Children are not accommodated at the Water Villas unless a disclaimer is signed by parents.


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