One of the south African’s favourite resorts, imposing and impressive, the elegent five-star Sugur Beach unfurls along the sun-
drenched, sheltered bay of Flic-en-Flac, bordered by crystalline waters, manicured gardens and one of the most picturesque
beaches on the island.



Nurture your time in paradise by creating Timeless Memories

Iconic resorts in the most lavish of settings & a host of activities to keep even the most ardent holiday-maker satisfied is how most tour operators sell Mauritius … but this has become the norm. Isn’t that what you’d expect from a holiday to the island paradise of Mauritius? Right?
Our World Leisure Holiday partners, Sun Resorts have upped the ante, changed the game & elevated the way guests experience their distinguished resort portfolio. They call them Timeless Memories and you will want to experience them… read on!

The standard activities and expectations still apply, all Sun Resort properties boast a full array of beach, water & relaxing opportunities but our guests want more than ordinary, so we give them extraordinary.

Sunsets & Sunrise
The changing colours of an island sky at dusk or dawn inspire inward reflection & it’s no wonder that these moments are the most sought-after & photographed on any trip to Mauritius. We utilize these powerful moments to create unforgettable life-changing experiences that will cleanse your soul at dawn or usher in an evening of wonder.

Sunrise Sessions
Each of the Sun Resorts (Sugar Beach, Long Beach, Ambre & La Pirogue) host weekly sunrise yoga sessions to strengthen and cleanse mind, body & spirit. Each class is hosted by a fully qualified instructor and designed for all levels of experience. Feel the power of dawn with a connection to your soul. These classes are held on the beach, boardwalks or gardens, you simply need to enquire at reception.

Additional sunrise sessions include:

Guided SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard) excursions to witness the breath of a new day as the island wakes, there is no better view of the island from the water at sunrise.
Tai chi lessons at the sun breaks the horizon; helps prepare you for the day ahead. Slow, deliberate movements & controlled breathing techniques help the flow of energy harnessed from the island mornings.
Sunset Sessions
At Sun Resorts, guests cannot look at dusk as the end of the day but rather a new beginning to an island that comes alive! In the evening, Sun Resorts properties dance to the beat of Mauritian rhythm. Yes, bonfires on the beach & succulent lobster dinners make for incredible memories but we take it one step further.

Entertain the whole family with an outdoor cinema experience at Sun Resorts. Take in the sunset & a movie while relaxing on the beach, in the gardens or against the backdrop of a glowing sky. Enquire at reception to the location & show times and allow yourself to be transported to a time when events like going to a movie offer pure bliss & innocence.

A Sunset cruise could be the most incredible way to experience the colour-splashed transition into nightfall. These private experiences are booked with romance in mind. Bottles of sparkling wine & delectable treats truly make these luxury moments, unforgettable.

Additional sunset sessions include:

Private & romantic dinners on the beach not only show how much you care but they focus your attention to each other away from distraction.
Sega parties & dancers add that sunset splash of colour to the evening entertainment, and why not join in the fun.
Sun Beach

You may be wondering how we could possibly improve the pristine white sandy beach experience? Those picture perfect views out over calm azure waters, what could we possibly do … well, how about a beach butler service to serve ice-cold & freshly prepared cocktails on the beach. Perhaps a phone charging service so you can keep instagramming those unforgettable moments & turn them into timeless memories.
These Sun Beach moments are designed to keep you relaxed & engaged in your tropical surroundings. Need some sunblock? We’ve got you covered. Sunglasses cleaned? No problem. It is these simple moments of class that set Sun Resorts properties apart from the rest.

To experience the Sun Resort timeless memories luxury moments make sure to book at Sugar Beach, Long Beach, Ambre or La Pirogue Each resort offers all-inclusive upgrades & family experiences (except Ambre, which is Adults Only).

These are just a sample of Timeless Memories that Sun Resorts have created to turn holiday moments in the luxury experiences that you’ll never forget. Next month we will dive into Memory Lab, Mixology and Sun Luxury Moments.




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