Make Mauritius Your 2018 Destination

Published Date: 10 Nov 2017

It’s never too early to start planning a trip (or two, or three), and with 2018 being just under two months away, there is no better time than now to start dreaming up itineraries, one of which should include Mauritius. Named among the Top 10 Countries to visit in Lonely Planet’s just-published Best Travel in 2018 list, it competed with and beat out destinations such as Chile, Portugal and New Zealand. Why? It’s location lends itself to an incredibly diverse cultural experience, which means that historical and cultural excursions abound, no culinary experience is the same, and you are able to meet people from all over the world. Adding to its diverse culture is its diverse landscape—mountains, lagoons, lush forests, sandy white beaches and crystal seas are just some of the stunning sights to behold, and all lend themselves to a great deal of fun land and water sports, ranging from activities under the sea, on the water’s surface and on land too.

Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel is an annual best-seller that ranks the world’s most desirable destinations based on the knowledge and passion of their staff, authors and online community. It is one of the most impartial travel guides you can get your hands on, and presents a year’s worth of inspiration to take travellers out of the ordinary and into the unforgettable. Imagine, a collection of people who travel hundreds of thousands of kilometres every year with access to hundreds of locations to visit… and Mauritius makes top ten! It can only be because it is so special. The process of choosing the top ten is based on the top recommended spots globally, which are then shortlisted by a panel of in-house travel experts who look at criteria such as topicality, wow-factor and the excitement around the destination. The top ten are chosen and published in the best-selling, inspirational “travel yearbook”. It is impossible to be selected for publication if your destination offers anything less than an outstanding experience, which speaks to how fantastic Mauritius is.

So much more than a fun place to be, it is also one of the most romantic spots in the world, offering sublime wedding and honeymoon settings. If all of the excursions and activities aren’t up your alley, you’ll be able to find restoration at the many spas and wellness centres, along with opportunities to enjoy yoga and pilates in the peace and quiet of nature.

Mauritius’ location is also a divine factor to consider. Just a short four-hour flight from South Africa, with flights departing from Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town, it is a dream to organise. There are also no visas required for South Africans, meaning you don’t have to consider a lead time whenever you want to take a trip to this gorgeous part of the world. You can also enjoy the variety of choosing between five-star luxury hotels or discreet boutique hotels, with options for in-room dining if you’re not interested in eating out every night. Your every wish really can be met.

Although we recommend Mauritius any day, any week and any year… 2018 really is the time to pay the island a visit! Mauritius will be celebrating fifty years of Independence and will be hosting a series of national events and activities throughout the year, with its biggest celebrations taking place in March 2018. The listing in the 2018 edition will guarantee wide-scale international visibility for Mauritius among local and international travellers alike, in addition to followers of various social media platforms and the 1.6 million subscribers to the famous publisher.

What are you waiting for? Make 2018’s Mauritius plans now so you can revel in them later. You won’t regret it.