One of the south African’s favourite resorts, imposing and impressive, the elegent five-star Sugur Beach unfurls along the sun-
drenched, sheltered bay of Flic-en-Flac, bordered by crystalline waters, manicured gardens and one of the most picturesque
beaches on the island.


Zanzibar, to many, is the uncut jewel of Indian Ocean island paradise getaways… but there is more to this archipelago than endless postcard perfect beaches & rich turquoise waters. Yes, Zanzibar is bejewelled with 5-Star luxury resorts like a sultan’s crown, and if you are looking for something a little more exotic than the traditional island resort experience, Zanzibar is the destination you have been searching for…

Here are our top 5 reasons to make Zanzibar you next Island holiday destination.

The History?
The architecture on Zanzibar bears witness to the varied & dynamic rulers whose hold on the Spice Islands changed hands constantly through the ages. From Omani sultans to Portuguese traders & African rulers, they have all left their mark on Zanzibar & the most obvious is in its architecture. You’ll be amazed by the lace metal work intricacies & hanging balconies that make you feel as though you could be in Moorish Spain, but then the huge wooden doorways & entrance halls speak of an Arabic dominance too. Without a single set theme to the architecture, it is little wonder that Stone Town has been named as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A simple walk through the town will keep you entertained for hours and steep you in centuries of history.

Add to the architecture, that at various stages in its history, Zanzibar has been a hotspot for trade in gold, diamonds, slaves, ivory & of course spices. All of which have been bought, sold & traded through Zanzibar. No place speaks as much to this historical significance, as Stone Town.

Simply ask your concierge to arrange a guided tour through Stone Town to uncover the historic gems hidden behind every nook & cranny. Make sure to take in the slave market, the palace market & the Persian baths… Zanzibar wears its history on its sleeve & it is magnificent to be apart of.

Affordability ?
Now this may seem like a cop-out, but when comparing pricing vs. other international holidays, Zanzibar offers serious bang for your buck. Being just a short 3 ½ hour flight from Johannesburg means Zanzibar affords more time in paradise, and in addition to this a large majority of resorts offer All-Inclusive as a standard package. This means no unexpected expenses on checkout and no bill-shock, leaving you with more funds to spend on exploring this magnificent archipelago. You can see the latest specials to Zanzibar by clicking here.

The Adventure
Zanzibar is not called the Spice Islands without good reason & although this is a direct reference to the various spice tours on offer to visitors, the same rings true for “spicing up your life” – something Zanzibar is particularly adept at.

Touring the spice farms is a ‘must-do’ activity for any guest to learn about the farming, processing, culinary & medicinal uses for the varied spices grown abundantly on the island. This is the taste & aroma of Zanzibar and you will regret it if you do not take in at least one plantation tour.

Of course, Zanzibar is also a hotbed for Scuba diving. Why not book complete your scuba accreditation at one of our resorts & make the most of the warm crystal-clear waters to fully immerse yourself in one of the globes most-loved diving destinations.

And if diving is not your thing, the ocean lifestyle & iconic dhows (boats) of the locals provide ample opportunity to fish, island hop and adventure from one snorkel location to the next… all at an incredibly affordable rate (see above). Who knows, you may even get an impromptu chance to swim with the dolphins?

The jungle
Most visitors arrive on Zanzibar with a preconceived picture of flat, calm waters & white sandy beaches… little do they know that the Jozani Forest Reserve is easily accessible & has a variety of unique flora & fauna. Most notably, the Jozani Forest Reserve is home to the Red Colobus Monkey; an endemic species found only on Zanzibar & on the brink of extinction.

(Ongoing efforts are underway to save this spectacular animal and reports suggest that the species is on the road to recovering)

The Jozani Forest Reserve is the only national park on Zanzibar & it houses a fantastic must-see butterfly farming community project. As a visitor you can take part in farming the numerous species of butterfly and also learn how this project is saving the forest by providing income for the local community.

The people & culture
The people of Zanzibar are warm & welcoming… this is not only with respect to the resort experience but you will find this true on your adventures throughout the island. Zanzibar also offers an intriguing culture mix between the sari & brightly coloured Indian influence with the colonial school dress & western styles mixed with the occasional Masaai tribesman. Zanzibar is a melting pot of people all getting along…

With such a mix of people it is understandable to expect a culinary experience of fusion foods & boy, do the locals not disappoint. Delicacies include octopus, squid & line fish, all cooked & prepared with fruits & spices you may have never tried before. Expand your palate & explore the food culture of Zanzibar. You will be in gastronomic heaven… Of course you don’t have to give up the comforts of your WLH resort but it would not be amiss for you to try your hand at bartering in the local fish market or trying some locally prepared foods from the markets.

There you have it! 5 reasons to choose Zanzibar on your next Island holiday adventure, our friendly WLH consultants will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have & help you book the perfect holiday to paradise in Zanzibar.




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