Your Island Holiday Checklist

Published Date: 09 Mar 2018

While the holiday itself is nothing short of breathtaking, most travellers will agree that getting to your destination can sometimes be the most stressful part of the journey. Not only do you have a range of things to remember, from the necessary travel documents to the time of your flight, but if you’re travelling as a family then you sometimes have others to think for, too. We’ve compiled a handy travel checklist of the basics you need while travelling, including the major items, such as your travel documents, to the smaller necessities (such as a good book to pass the time on the plane or enjoy as you lounge on the beach).

Travel Necessities
⃞ Passport
⃞ Identity Document
⃞ Original unabridged copies of children's birth certificates
⃞ Travel tickets and confirmations
⃞ Copies of travel documents
⃞ Digital copies of travel documents (best saved on a USB)
⃞ Copies of credit cards
⃞ Copies of passport
⃞ Emergency contact information
⃞ Medical history
⃞ Medical aid card
⃞ List of medications
⃞ Prescriptions
⃞ Luggage tags

⃞ A good book to enjoy on the beach
⃞ Earplugs and sleeping mask (for on the plane, of course—our resorts offer the ultimate comfort)
⃞ Wallet/purse (and all the necessary cards or cash)
⃞ Any necessary medication
⃞ Cell phone charger
⃞ Camera (and charger or batteries)
⃞ Earphones
⃞ Adaptors
⃞ Wet wipes
⃞ Hand sanitizer

This part of the list excludes the obvious items, and pays attention to items you might not have considered.
⃞ Men: formal shirts (many of our restaurants take pride in the occasion of dinner time and require guests to dress up)
⃞ Men: long pants (you wouldn’t wear shorts with a formal shirt, would you?
⃞ Ladies: Cocktail dress or semi formal outfit
⃞ Raincoat (you never know!)
⃞ Sun hat
⃞ Swimwear
⃞ Workout gear (all of our resorts have facilities to keep your fitness up)

What’s so exciting is that in most cases, our resort staff are on hand to see to it to your needs are met and that in the event you’ve forgotten or misplaced something important, they can assist. You’ll notice our list excludes any work items, such as stationery, and that’s because many of our resorts have business centres that have all the stationery and office equipment you require. Here, staff will also help you with any copies of documents that need to be made. Almost all of our resorts have on-site medical facilities too and if you’ve forgotten any important medication at home a simple consultation will put your mind at ease.

Forgotten that “good book” you had intended to enjoy on the beach? No problem, libraries are often available on the premises of our resorts and will provide you with an enjoyable read to find yourself wrapped up in. Of course, while you’re making memories in the most beautiful part of the world, you might find yourself wishing you’d brought more than just your phone to take pictures, that’s where the Sun Memory Lab comes in. At any one of our Sun Resorts (Long Beach, La Pirogue, Sugar Beach, Ambre and Kanuhura) you have the opportunity to choose from an array of cameras (all suited to different activities) to ensure you don’t miss a single moment. Film and underwater cameras, selfie sticks and GoPros are just some of the cameras and accessories you can choose from to ensure you can cherish your moments forever.

With this travel checklist and all of our additional information in mind, we hope you can experience the ease of effortless travel; all we want is for our travellers to enjoy every minute of their journey—from the moment they start packing to the moment they settle down on the beach for the first time with something delightful to read.