Why you should consider an Island Wedding

Published Date: 11 Dec 2017

From the moment you step foot on the island to the day you depart, your every need will be met. From flower arrangements to ceremonies, the photographer and any little “niggle” you can think of, our destinations’ wedding planners and their teams are all equipped to make your special moments as magical as can be.

Why an Island Wedding?
From a relaxed beachside ceremony, to an enchanting affair in lush island gardens, the different settings you can choose to exchange your vows are unlike anything you could even imagine. Experience your first dance under the stars, a reception in a captivating venue, and the comfort of a gorgeous suite often complete with champagne and romantic a rose-petal bubble bath to enjoy on your first night as a married couple. You can also enjoy the knowledge that your guests will be kept entertained with adventurous excursions, and exciting activities on land and offshore to keep them busy while you’re enjoying married life.

Classic Island Wedding
Enjoy a classic island wedding in Mauritius, the Maldives or the Seychelles, where you can say your vows on the powdery white beaches with the crystal blue ocean as a backdrop. Imagine a reception where your guests can feast on classic Creole cuisine, freshly caught seafood and fresh oysters with a glass of sparkling wine under the clear night’s sky as the stars sparkle above… not only will your ceremony and reception prove to be unforgettable, they will surely be the talk of the town for those in attendance for years to come. If you don’t want to beach as your backdrop, consider getting married in a unique location such as the lush gardens, or even sugar fields or tea plantations.

Unconventional Island Weddings
If you are keen for an island wedding but something a little out of the ordinary, Zanzibar and Reunion Island are the ideal spots for you. Enjoy a wedding with the backdrop of a dramatic volcanic landscape in Reunion Island, or forests that stretch on. In Zanzibar, you can still enjoy a typical beach wedding, but with the promise of safaris and African adventure to enjoy as a couple or with your wedding guests. If you’re a more adventurous couple who can’t think of anything better than exploring, Reunion Island’s hiking trails will challenge you and take your breath away once you get to the end of each gorgeous trail, where you can enjoy sights such as canyons, volcanoes and waterfalls (some of which you can even take a dip under).

Whatever you want out of your wedding, we have the perfect destination for you! When you look at all the delightful experiences that await, the question isn’t why an island wedding, but rather why not an island wedding? Find out more about our gorgeous wedding packages or get in touch with one of our travel consultants today to ensure you don’t miss out on experiencing the true definition of “unforgettable”.