Things to do in Reunion Island

Published Date: 02 Feb 2018

With incredible landmarks, hiking trails, stretches of beach to enjoy and so much more to divide your time between, it can be difficult to figure out where to start when you’re exploring Reunion Island.

Adventure & Sightseeing
Adventure travellers will be in seventh heaven, with an abundance of opportunities to explore this diverse side of the world. Volcanic landscapes, waterfalls, canyons and coral reefs… just some of the contrasting sites you can see in and around Reunion Island, and most are best-enjoyed on a brisk walk or challenging hike. Make sure you visit the following hotspots if you want to see unmatched sights and enjoy hiking trails:

  • Tunnels de Lave
  • Cascade de la Paix
  • La Maison du Coco
  • Le Grand Bassin

Although all in French, local tour guides will be able to explain the above routes and sights to you in English, and may even take you on an excursion if you organise a tour of a specific area. Another exciting adventure that awaits is at Kelonia, the perfect spot for travellers not looking to take up diving or snorkeling while on their trip. An aquarium of sorts, Kelonia gives visitors the opportunity to get up close with the local turtles, many of whom are under threat. The centre focuses on the rehabilitation of turtles and entrance goes towards to conservation and education efforts. Keeping with the theme of seeing the incredible creatures of the great blue sea, why not enjoy a session of whale and dolphin watching? Many of the local diving schools offer tours and will see to it that you enjoy the majestic sight of blower dolphins, spotted dolphins and humpback whales all enjoying the splendour of the ocean.

Eat and drink your way through Reunion Island
There are countless markets to enjoy in Reunion Island, but firm favourites have to be Marche de Saint-LeuMarché Forain du Chaudron. Both are top markets and offer an incredible opportunity to try the freshest flavours of the Indian Ocean, local spices and infusions and to pick up some souvenirs to take home. No trip to the market is complete without picking up some poulet bitume, which is flavourful and tender chicken cooked on a flaming-hot grill. The local cuisine finds its strongest influences in Creole, Indian and African flavours, but includes many others. The multicultural background is best experienced through trying the traditional dishes of the island, such as curries, mussels and samoosas.

Once you’ve eaten your way through the local markets, sip on a Dodo beer at a local cafe while you enjoy the hustle and bustle of the streets and your surrounds. The Dodo beer is the equivalent of South Africa’s Castle Lite—which is to say that the locals love it! The difference, however, is that the Dodo beer is a “Bourbon beer” and is considerably heavier than the South African best-seller. Rum is the spirit of choice on the island, so be sure to try out a rum cocktail while admiring the sunset if you’re a fan of anything rum-related, and even if you’re not give la Saga du Rhum a visit for an incredible tour and journey through the history of rum on the island.

Some much-needed R&R
If the above activities don’t seem appealing, or maybe you’re just after a day on the beach, Reunion Island still lives to please. Choose from haunting, dark volcanic beaches or picturesque soft and white sandy shores. Many of the World Leisure Holiday resorts have spas for the ultimate in relaxation and comfort, and the rooms of each hotel are so relaxing you might never want to leave.

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