Things to do in Port Louis

Published Date: 17 Nov 2017

It’s not hard to see why travellers head straight to the beaches when they visit Mauritius. Not only is this island famous for it’s gorgeous lagoons, turquoise waters and powdery white sand, but the climate means that almost any time of year is the perfect time to laze your day away under the golden sun or splashing about in the ocean. Throw in a fantastic selection of watersports and you never have to leave the beach at all! But Mauritius is so much more than just an island. While we can’t fault anyone for wanting to laze on the beach, we do want to recommend going to some exciting places in Mauritius’ capital city, Port Louis (we promise it will be worth missing a day or two of soaking up the sun).

Seven Coloured Earth
A sight to behold, when you visit the Seven Coloured Earth you will find it hard to believe this is a natural wonder! These sand dunes are almost iridescent in colour, with the sand dunes shifting between the colours red, brown, violet, green, blue, purple and yellow. Can you imagine green and purple sand? If not, then you really do have to take a trip the the Seven Coloured Earth, where seeing is believing.

Museums, museums, museums!
The Natural History Museum, Blue Penny Museum and the Photographic Museum are just some of the amazing museums you can visit in Port Louis. Each museum proudly shows off the history of Mauritius in various ways. The Blue Penny Museum is said to be a “jewel” of Mauritius, and takes those who walk through its doors on a journey through Mauritius’ history, legends and spirit. Entrance is just over R50 for adults, less than R30 for children and students, and less than R130 for a family of four (two adults + two children).

La Rhumerie de Chamarel distillery
One of the rare Mauritian Rum distilleries that still cultivated its own sugar cane, La Rhumerie de Chamarel is a must-try for connoisseurs of fine spirits (and anyone else who enjoys a good drink). Enjoy a tour of the distillery and a lesson in how the fertile valley where they grow their own sugar cane is able to result in such fine rum, thanks to the valley’s own microclimate. You can enjoy cocktails on site along with deliciously paired meals at the restaurant, L’Alchimiste.

Le Jardin de Pamplemousse
Another example of Mauritius showing off just how beautiful it is, Le Jardin de Pamplemousse is a lush natural paradise well worth the visit. For less than R50 entrance per person, you will also get to see deer, indigenous bats and giant tortoises going about their business. It is an especially fun outing for children and a tour of the gardens is just under an hour long. Past visitors have said a walk through the gardens feels like a walk through another era, especially with the rich history and the old sugar factory that you can visit within the gardens.

Le Caudan Waterfront
A multi-coloured delight, Le Caudan Waterfront is the perfect spot for some shopping and features craft markets and food courts. Despite being a tourist hot spot, you will be met with reasonable prices at restaurants and shops, and can enjoy the backdrop of the harbour as you make your way around. It is a lovely spot to sit down for a drink while you watch the world go by and take in the hustle and bustle of Mauritius’ capital city.

Even if you only put a day or two aside to explore Port Louis, you will soon realise that it is worth stepping away from your resort and all the beach-related activities you could be enjoying. Leave Mauritius with memories that will enrich your life. Browse our Mauritius resorts today and plan your trip to experience this beautiful city.