A Taste of Seychelles

Published Date: 23 Jan 2017

What do you think of when think of the Seychelles?  White sandy beaches, swaying palm trees and aqua blue calm seas?  Well you would be right of course, but one thing is missing from this list and that is the delicious array of culinary delights that can be sampled and enjoyed in this diversely cultural archipelago of islands that make up the Seychelles.


The multi-ethnic roots of the Seychellois people, descendants of a melting pot of nationalities that have made the islands their home over the centuries, has manifested itself in the richness of the food on offer at the many restaurants and at the carefully selected hotels offered to guests in the World Leisure Holidays’ Seychelles portfolio.


Freshly caught fish plays a prominent part of Seychellois dishes, for obvious reasons and is typically cooked in several ways such as grilled, steamed or wrapped in banana leaves and baked over an open fire. 


The use of exotic spices such as ginger, lemongrass, coriander and tamarind are common in many of the dishes and delicious curried delights, hot, fruity and colourful, are on most menus and smorgasbords ranging from the most rustic to the most upmarket of establishments all over the islands.


For the more adventurous and curious pallet, on offer are more exotic indigenous delicacies such as Rousettes (fruit bat) or tangy shark chutney cooked with bilimbi (small cucumber) and lime.

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Whatever your choice, all of the culinary delights can be washed down with some delicious local beverages like palm wine, made from coconut sap, or why not help your food digest with some Takamaka rum made from locally grown sugar cane and water from the famous Coco de Mer.


In addition to the local fare, food from around the world can be enjoyed in the many world class independent or hotel restaurants found all over the islands.  There is enough to satisfy the food lover in every way!


By now your taste buds should be bursting to attention so why not get planning your trip to the Seychelles right now with World Leisure holidays.  Get there and taste the Seychelles for yourself.


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