Sip in the Sun with Sun Mixology

Published Date: 23 Apr 2018

Cocktails are always welcome, but nothing beats sipping on a perfectly mixed, classic cocktail while basking in the Mauritian sun on a powdery white beach. No other resort offers the same expertly designed and perfectly mixed cocktails as the mixologists at Sun Resorts, who combine a unique blend of local flavours with international favourites, bringing you cocktails with a twist that are classically Mauritian and yet wildly original.

Sun Mixology

While all of our resorts and their resident mixologist are more than willing to put together a classic cocktail for you, we recommend stepping out of your cocktail comfort zone by trying one of their unique concoctions. The signature cocktails available at Sun Resorts’ Long Beach, Sugar Beach, La Pirogue and Ambre are created with only the finest Mauritian ingredients, each informed by Mauritius’ own history (dabbling in the likes of rum and sugar cane). Why opt for a classic strawberry daiquiri that you could be enjoying anywhere in the world when you could choose a cocktail you may never encounter again (unless you return to Sun Resorts, of course)? Adding to the variety and flair, each resort offers its own exclusive variations on the cocktails that you love. Indulge in flavours that include tropical coconut, juicy pineapple, lemongrass and revitalising ginger all while enjoying the feeling of sand between your toes and an exceptional sunset on the horizon.

Classic Rum Daiquiri

Unless you’re reading this from the shores of Mauritius, the chances are you can’t attend your Sun Mixology experience today. Our remedy? First, browse our specials for incredible Long Beach, Sugar Beach, La Pirogue and Ambre packages, and second (as a short-term solution), fix yourself a Classic Rum Daiquiri in the spirit of Mauritius and your future holidays.

3T Castor Sugar
2T Fresh Lime Juice
125ml White Rum
100ml Coconut Milk

1. Pop all of your ingredients into a cocktail shaker with two cubes of ice and shake vigorously (you will know your cocktail is ready when the shaker becomes so cold you can’t comfortably hold it anymore).
2. Pour your mixture over crushed ice in classic cocktail glasses and garnish with the fruit of your choice.