A romantic island holiday

Published Date: 19 Oct 2017

We have some of the most romantic island holiday destinations for you to explore. Nothings says romance like the feeling of having a place all to yourself, and when you’re at one of our many island resorts, that’s usually exactly how it feels! We’ve broken down what makes each of our amazing destinations so romantic.


Zanzibar is always such a brilliant spot to recommend because it ticks all the boxes. If you’re looking to get something cultural or historical out of your trip, Zanzibar has it. If you want to see the sea as much as you want a safari, Zanzibar has it. If you want romantic sunsets and sundowners on off-shore boats, Zanzibar has it. This is the perfect destination for a couple looking to get the most out of their time away—you can spend as much time relaxing on the beach as you do exploring the wilderness on a safari or underwater scuba adventure. Enjoy every minute of your trip and each unique experience you tried out together.

Reunion Island

Reunion Island is for the adventurous couple. Rolling hills, tropical forests, rugged mountains and sandy beaches are all waiting to be explored by curious lovebirds. Get your heart racing with a hike up to Piton de la Fournaise, where you can share a (very) warm embrace with your loved one alongside an active volcano, where you can see flowing lava—a unique experience that goes beyond casual strolls on the beach. It doesn’t get hotter than that. There are also some of the world’s best hiking trails and most beautiful vantage points, with many trails ending on glistening pools, the perfect spot to take a romantic dip.

The Maldives

The Maldives should be your first choice if you're looking for opulence. Not only is every resort stunning, but there is a great deal of attention to detail when it comes to guests. The Maldives is also a great pick for any foodie couple, with some of the finest, freshest seafood served on the island, and there is even a resort that boasts ten restaurants, including a herb garden of its own. The fruit, herbs and vegetables grown in the Maldives are said to be so delicious because of the quality of the soil, and any food-loving couple would be at a loss if they gave this beautiful destination a miss.


If you're looking for top-class hospitality and feeling like royalty while you're away, Mauritius takes the cake. Their hospitality ethos is unmatched, and is the place to go if you're looking to ensure your partner feels wooed. Mauritius is also the place to go if you're looking for those "got-it-all" resorts. With a great range of water and land sports, restaurants, tours and spas to choose from, you will not be left wanting. But if you'd prefer to spend the day relaxing by the pool or on the beach, you'll be met with glistening water and comfortable lounges. Mauritius is an easy going destination that balances fun and relaxation, and is ideal for any couple looking to relax but also wanting the option of trying something new.

The Seychelles

For the ultimate in privacy, head to the Seychelles. Here, a hotel with more than twenty five beds is described as “large”, so you can only imagine how private the beaches feel as you stroll along them. This island is ideal for a couple looking to unwind and reconnect, and offers gorgeous opportunities for spa trips and lounging the day away in the sun. The Seychelles also has some of the best diving and snorkelling spots in the world, especially since all motorised water sports are banned for conservation reasons. If you’re keen to get out on the water, you can always give kayaking, windsurfing or sailing a try, all of which are fun activities to try out as a couple.

And there you have it, five islands worth visiting for a romantic getaway away! The question isn't if or when you're going, just where you're going. Get in touch with one of our representatives today to organise the romantic getaway of your dreams.