Planning a destination wedding

Published Date: 02 Dec 2015

A destination wedding, whether you choose a sandy beach, an enchanted forest or a magical island, this is a day you can make truly unique -a day that you have always planned for. This special day allows you to put your own twist on things and to take advantage of the beautiful scenery that will surround your venue.

A destination is at times better than a local wedding as it allows for beautiful moments to be captured that are outside the norm for yourselves and your guests. The scenery can be taken advantage of to make your day even more special. Having a destination wedding allows you to make the venue personalised as well as take advantage of what the venue has to offer, so be creative by combining your flair with the culture of the land.

One of the hardest parts of planning a destination wedding is to decide on the location. Take into consideration the duration of the flights to the destination and if there are any transfers involved for your guests. If you want your guests to only attend for the weekend, try look at destinations that will have a 6 hour flight or less.

Do your research on the local laws and marriage legislation to ensure your marriage is legal when you get back home. A helpful tip is to look at the wedding packages that the venue might offer, and enquire about the legal aspects of the package. Let your friends and family know as soon as you decide on a destination so that people can save up and book flights for the trip. Send out save-the-dates with details such as date, destination, and possible accommodation options. Choose a few hotels close to the venue with different prices ranges and book rooms in advance to avoid any disappointment.

Decide whether you would like to hire a local wedding planner to take care of all the details for you.  Remember that most resorts cater for weddings and offer packages; they will therefore have the experience to pull of your dream wedding. Having said that, many couples feel better about having a professional wedding planner plan their big day as this takes a lot of stress off engaged couples. Local wedding planners, have home-grown knowledge on how to source and organise elements of your wedding such as the cake, décor, marriage officiant and flowers.

Plan activities for the weekend, make treasured memories about this special occasion with your loved ones in order to leave with entertaining stories from your big day. Remember to book rehearsal dinners, and day-after brunch for your family and wedding party. Making an enquiry with the venue, as to what activities are available in the surrounding area and send this on to all of your attending guests.

Read the contract. If you have a planner or a venue, you will need to sign a contract. This is very important as this states every detail of your wedding from the layout to how the food will be served. Take time to read through your contract and make sure that you are happy before you sign anything. Negotiate anything you don’t like and be very specific as this contract plays a vital role in making sure your dream day turns out the way you want it.

Make the most of your special day. This is the day you have been dreaming of. Don’t let the small things upset you. Make the most of this day spending time with the people that are the most important to you. Make unforgettable memories and be grateful for all those that have made the extra effort to attend your wedding. Make the most of the destination you have chosen and take in all the memories along the way.

There are countless advantages about a destination wedding as it allows for more intimate moments with your close family and friends and this is a great way for the wedding couple to spend their wedding with the people they love most.

And remember “A true love story never ends.”