Make a splash with World Leisure Holidays

Published Date: 07 Mar 2016

World Leisure Holidays offers an array of holiday packages for you and your family to experience timeless memories. The diverse natures of our islands and hotels allows us to let you and your family experience luxury and the best water activities there is to offer.

World Leisure Holidays destinations water activities are at the top of most of the resorts to-do list. We offer a wide range of water activities at all of our resorts some packed with adventure and some more relaxing. Keep you and your family entertained while on holiday as these water sports are a great way to get the whole family together for a day full of fun filled activities.

Pedal boats are great fun for the kiddies to use energy while enjoying the breath taking views on the way. For those who are a bit more adventurous wind surfing is recommended to those sporty holiday makers who enjoy roaming the crystal waters.

Enjoy snorkelling in our charming waters where you will find an array of striking fish in our glossy clear waters. Water ski’ing is for the sportier holiday makers, for those looking for a bit more speed and a bit more adventure we advise hiring out water skis at your resort to view the island. This is a great way to explore the island and all its beauty it has to offer. Kayaking is more tranquil and appropriate for those looking for a more romantic adventure, enjoy a sun setting journey with your loved one.

Scuba diving allows you to explore all our oceans creatures and what our waters have to offer. Visit the many coral reefs and enchanting fish in our island’s waters. Please note, you need to have a qualified licence to scuba. Deep sea fishing is recommended for those who have experience in this or those wanting to learn about it. This is a great outdoor activity for some bonding time with the kids in the deep ocean waters.

Parasailing is an enjoyable activity for all ages, that allows you to view the whole ocean and island from high up in the sky. This is full of exciting moments and a good way to get your adrenaline pumping.

World Leisure Holidays is proud of all the water activities they offer to all their customers while on holiday at one of their destinations. Bring the family on down to enjoy the splash with World Leisure Holidays.