Kids Clubs in Mauritius - fun all the way

Published Date: 22 Nov 2017

While there is nothing lovelier than a family holiday and spending time with your kids, it’s also reassuring to know that there are plenty of activities to keep the munchkins busy while you enjoy other aspects of your break. If you’d like an intimate, romantic dinner for example, many of our resorts offer a babysitting service, and if your little ones have picky palates, you’ll be delighted to know that pizza-making nights are a staple for many of our Kids Clubs, and most even have special menus that will have your kids jumping up and down. Here are some of the other activities you can expect to find at the Kids Clubs available at our resorts.

Toddler’s Pool

Safety is the number one priority when it comes to your children, and so many of our resorts have pool areas especially for pool-loving kids who aren’t comfortable with “grown up” pools. This offers you peace of mind as your child is able to enjoy one of their favourite activities in safe depths and under careful supervision.

Games Rooms

For older children, the Games Room can be a fun way to keep them entertained and also meet new friends on the island. Activities such as snooker, table football and table tennis are easy to get the hang of and provide them an opportunity to have fun and get social!

DVDs and Movie Nights

With some resorts going as far as offering “Movies Under the Stars” experiences, your children are guaranteed a cinematic experience better than what they’d get at any old movie theatre. While we always encourage exploration and education, there’s nothing like a classic movie to help get the little ones ready for nap time or keep them entertained when they’re not up to playing outside.

Kids Yoga

Some resorts offer Kids Yoga to our younger guests, allowing them the opportunity to enjoy Yoga especially created with little ones in mind. Not only does it help them relax and find calm amongst the excitement of their new surroundings, but it also provides an opportunity to meet new friends and try out an activity that could even turn into their favourite pass-time down the line! Once they’ve come to realise how much fun yoga can be, it could be your next favourite family activity.

Face Painting

Every child has a little animal waiting to be unleashed! Anything goes, from a fierce tiger or a fluttering butterfly, the staff at our resort Kids Clubs are the Picassos of face-painting, and will help your sweethearts transform into something that will grab their imagination and put a smile on their faces, a perfect accessory to the face painting. 

Field Trips

Field trips are a fantastic way for children to learn more about the island and its culture, but most excitingly its creatures! Excursions include trips to the Crocodile Park and Casela Bird Sanctuary, and if your child is old enough then even the likes of snorkelling, introducing them to an exciting new world of aquatic awesomeness. Crab-catching on the beach will also keep your munchkins busy, and cultural activities like Creole lessons and Sega dance initiations will also introduce them to Mauritius’ diverse culture in a fun, exciting way.

Those are just some of the exciting things that your children are sure to enjoy at our Mauritius resorts. Some of our resorts’ Kids Clubs even offer these complementary activities:

  • Windsurfing lessons
  • Glass bottom trips
  • Water ski lessons
  • Sand castles
  • Water gun fighting and water balloon fighting
  • Colouring
  • Creole lessons

If there are any particular activities that have caught your eye, please get in touch with us so we can take you one step closer to your perfect holiday and let you know which resort is the one for you. You can also head over to our Mauritius hotels page for a breakdown of all our resorts.