Island Holidays: Why Choose the Maldives?

Published Date: 14 Feb 2018

Are you thinking of planning an island holiday this year, but you just can't decide which lovely set of islands to visit? We've got the full scoop on why it should be the Maldives.

Maybe it’s Male
While you might not be staying there, you will almost certainly encounter Male at some point in your Maldivian travels. Male is famous for being a pint-sized capital that delivers the experiences of cities that rival it in size. Full of markets, museums and incredible cultural adventures, we would recommend at least one day in this city if it’s your first time travelling to the Maldives. Many of the locals that inhabit the islands of our resorts come from Male, and bring along with them the vibrant energy and culture of the bustling capital.

It’s Hammer-Time (and Maldives Time)
The Maldives is world-famous for its incredible diving opportunities. You may well tick off every major sight on your diving bucket list in one dive. Rasdhoo Madivaru, locally referred to as Hammerhead Point, is a must for avid divers and ocean lovers. Visible in exceptionally clear water, you’re also likely to be treated to the sight of mantas, whale sharks and other ocean critters. If you’re not a diver, here are six reasons to consider diving on your next holiday (warning, you might become addicted to this unmatched pass-time).

Foodie Paradise
From the famous fish and produce markets in Male, down to the intricate fine-dining prepared at resorts, you are sure to be wowed by the quality of food you can enjoy when in the Maldives. Sun Resorts’ Kanuhura is famous for the ten restaurants it boasts (including a fragrant herb garden), while the rest of the resorts are equally delightful in their offerings of some of the world’s best seafood and an endless choice of multicultural cuisines to try. Maldivian culture is rooted in Creole, French, Chinese and Indian cultures, meaning that food is inventive, original and inspired by some of the world’s greatest cuisines, resulting in mouthwatering dishes and incomparable fusions.

Ready for Romance
When it comes to romance, few places in the world can touch the Maldives. This set of islands is especially unique because although it’s famed for offerings you can find at other famous island destinations, the Maldives trumps when it comes to privacy. Any one of our incredible four and five star resorts are perfect for couples embracing a whirlwind romance, those celebrating many years together, and of course lovebirds looking for the most divine backdrop to a classic wedding, honeymoon and special anniversary. When you wake up to the never-ending view of the ocean from your over-water villa, we are certain you will agree there is nothing more romantic (except, of course, for the endless culinary delights and intimate dinners that await at each resort).

Directly to Paradise
As if the Maldives couldn't get any better, World Leisure Holidays will soon be offering packages that include a direct flight to Male. Anyone who's had to do a flight transfer will know that this is reason enough to consider the Maldives in 2018!

There you have it, just a handful of reasons to prioritise visiting the Maldives in 2018 (we'll let you discover the others).