Five Reasons why we are crazy about Reunion

Published Date: 09 Dec 2016

Reunion Island should be on the bucket list of every traveller looking for an extraordinary experience. From the Piton de la Fournaise (the island’s active volcano), to the spectacular cirques and stunning beaches, there is so much to love about Reunion Island.


Here is why we are crazy about Reunion:


  1. It’s an easy destination…

South Africans can visit Reunion Island visa-free. All you need to do is hop onto the Air Austral flight from Johannesburg and 4 hours later you will be setting foot on the island and start your dream holiday…


  1. …with French flair

Imagine being able to experience the romantic and suave French flair combined with a tropical laid-back lifestyle. Well, Reunion Island is France combined with beautiful warm weather and a tropical atmosphere.


Your French experience will start as soon as you board your Austral flight where you will be welcomed by a friendly French-speaking crew.


  1.  It has delicious food and interesting drinks

With its melting pot of cultures, Reunion Island offers the most flavoursome cuisine. From French pastries to Indian curries, fish caught fresh from the sea and fresh fruit, all the different world cuisines collide on the island.


To accompany the Creole cuisine, Reunion Island has its own local rum called Charette. The rum is infused with pineapple, vanilla or even orchid leaves. For those who prefer a slightly less alcoholic drink, the Dodo beer is a must-try after a hot day.


  1. We can combine tropical beaches with mountain adventures

Reunion is a very active destination with hiking trails, scuba diving excursions and helicopter flips. It’s a destination where you can walk in the mountains one day, explore an active volcano the next day and relax on a tropical beach on the third day…


For those who want to combine active Reunion with a resort holiday in Mauritius, Air Austral now also offers the possibility to combine the two destinations.


  1. It’s a great multi-generational family destination

Reunion is a varied destination with a multitude of experiences, making it quite easy to find the right activities for every member of the family: from grannies to toddlers. Kids will love the water sports and adrenalin-pumping activities and granny and grandpa will enjoy a more laid-back whale-watching excursion.