Body Conscious Cocktails

Published Date: 29 Oct 2018

Low Calorie Cocktail Cheats

So, you’ve worked hard for that amazingly gorgeous flat stomach or you’re still working up a daily sweat to make sure you’re ready and primed for the upcoming bikini season; don’t throw it all away by overindulging in high sugar cocktails just because the island holiday has you living the high-life of pampered luxury.

But hey, you are on holiday after all & why shouldn’t you just relax, kick of your shoes & enjoy the fruits of your hard-work How about we meet you half-way & give you four carb-conscious cocktails that taste so good you’ll love them even though you know they’re actually good for you. 

P.S. all of these cocktails are available at each of the Sun Resorts & countless others. Enjoy!

Skinny Grapefruit Margarita

There are no dangerous calories ruining your belly in this tasty little number. Grapefruit juice, lime juice & the ever-important dash of Tequila (add a shot of Triple Sec too for a more authentic flavour).


  • 1 tot Skinny Triple Sec
  • 1 tot Tequila (the better you get the better the flavour)
  • 1/3 cup of Grapefruit Juice
  • Squeeze half a lime
  • Half a cup of sparkling water

Serve over ice & garnish with grapefruit slice… it’ll be bikini summer all year long.

Skinny Coconut Margarita

Nothing sings island paradise like a coconut cocktail & it’s made even better because it does not affect the waistline. Soak up the smells & flavours of the beach vibe with this island twist on a firm cocktail favourite.


  • 90 ml light coconut milk
  • 90 ml Tequila – always pick the best you can afford
  • 45 ml Triple sec
  • 250 ml coconut water

Shake it all together, pour into a jug & share over ice with a fresh lime wedge to serve.

Skinny Strawberry Mojito

Fresh mint & fresh strawberries scream of refreshing flavour & just saying the name ‘Mojito’ gets everyone in party mood… (both men & women alike).

This island-fresh take on the traditional & popular cocktail will have you coming back for more, especially when you realise they taste incredible without adding centimetres to your waistline.


  • 6-8 Mint Leaves
  • 3 tbsp. Stevia
  • 1 full lime cut into slices
  • 6 big Strawberries cut into slices
  • 350 ml club soda
  • 90 ml light rum
  • Ice

Add all ingredient except the lime & strawberries and mash them together! The more mint you add the fresher the flavour. Once the ice is crushed & the ingredients are fully shaken, stir in the strawberries & lime to serve.This recipe is ideal for two! (or one if you’re thirsty smiley)

Skinny Coconut Mojito

White rum (island style), coconut water, mint & lime.. what more could you ask for in a cocktail that won’t ruin your ab ambitions. This skinny Mojito is all about fresh mint flavour & the suntan smell all South Africans associate with beach holidays… good thing you’re going to the island paradise of Mauritius.


  • Half a cup fresh mint (reduce to lessen the mint flavour)
  • 1 lime cut into wedges (thick wedges work great)
  • 2 tablespoons simple syrup
  • 1 quarter cup of white rum
  • 1 cup coconut water
  • Heaps of ice
  • Sparkling Water to taste

Add all the ingredients into a shaker & put on a show. Shake, crush & have a blast combining the elements. Taste along the way & add sparkling water until you get the flavour combination you’re are looking for. Strain over crushed ice & share…it’s the right thing to do.