4 Reasons to escape to Mauritius every winter

Published Date: 29 Apr 2019

Upgrade from Winter to Summer

I can’t wait for it to be cold & dark said no one ever!

South Africans are a sun-worshiping nation & just saying the word “winter” is met with looks of derision & scowls. But there is no reason to just grin and bare it year after year when we have four incredible reasons to step away from the fireplace & into a bikini or board shorts every winter… you ready? Here we go!

All the fun for half the price
Low season… it has nothing to do with the weather (see below) & everything to do with the price. Given that most South Africans take their annual holiday in December, low season refers to the quantity of visitors to the island. Being lower in demand means lower prices & lower prices mean you get all the resort for a steal. It is little wonder that more & more South Africans are staying put through December & taking advantage of discounts & early bird offers to Mauritius each winter.

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Winter, what is winter?
The tropical climate of Mauritius makes it a perfect year-round destination for sun, sea & water activities. Winter sees the temperatures drop from hot to balmy, so even in the ‘cooler’ months its t-shirt & shorts weather. The average summer temperatures sit at a hot 24.7 degrees Celsius, with winter averaging at 20.4 degrees Celsius – that’s a swing of only 4 degrees. Did you know the average winters day in Mauritius is exposed to between 7.5 & 8-hours of bright sunshine daily, that beats out the summer average of between 6.5 & 8-hours bright sunshine daily.

Now you know, hot daily highs & cool evening make winter the most comfortable time of year to explore this island paradise.

School holiday escapes
The frigid South African winter months play host to the winter school holiday breaks. Summer vacations are easy to manage from home… kids swim, ride bikes & can play comfortably long into the evenings. Winter on the other hand raises a host of home-based holiday issues: what do you do with your kids? How do you deal with cabin fever & how much time off work will you need to take to cart them around from one indoor activity to another…

Why not beat the cold, take a break & spend some luxury time with your kids in tropical paradise? Give your kids the most incredible school holidays at a price that compares to a short weekend stint away to local destination.

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Who likes waiting in line?
A number one reason for visiting Mauritius each winter given by retuning clients is this… fewer visitors means a more personal service & less waiting in line. Want to grab a cocktail from the bar? Walk directly to the barman. Wish for your kids to get a turn on behind the ski-boat? It’ll never be more than a 5-minute wait… in fact without the crowds the entire resort experience is less-stressful & far more relaxed.

Depending on your choice of resort it may be required to pre-book your evening meals at al la carte restaurants, with more space there is less pressure to book your week stay upon arrival. Fewer guests allow decisions to be made on a whim & if this is your idea of a relaxing break then winter in Mauritius is for you.

There you have it, four incredible reasons to visit Mauritius each year. Low low prices on numerous package deals that allow you to bring the whole family to escape the cold winter – we have a package deal for every need: All-inclusive, Family Packages, Golf & Honeymoons… just explore our website & call us for a quote.

Nothing beats a winter tan line, come find out how good it feels.