Adaaran Prestige Water Villas

Into the beauty of the ocean

Luxury wooden bungalows offering spacious accommodations, each opening up onto a beautiful sun deck with crystal blue ocean water right in front of you. Adaaran Prestige Water Villas are known for their exquisite interiors and sun decks with private Jacuzzis, allowing guests to enjoy truly breathtaking views of the horizon. With world-class facilities, Adaaran Prestige Water Villas is truly a must experience in your lifetime!

Bring dreams to life in an intimate escape right over the calm Indian Ocean water.




Unlock the flavours of the Maldives with true fine dining in contemporary luxury.


Uncover coral wonderlands in crystal clear waters, or heal  body and mind at the revitalising spa.


Say your vows on fine white sand overlooking pristine ocean views and enjoy your special day in pure bliss.


Watch the fascinating marine life in the clear waters directly beneath your luxury villa's sun deck.



Children are not accommodated at the Water Villas unless a disclaimer is signed by parents.


Prepare to feast on a scintillating range of culinary delights from around the world at the fine dining Maldives Restaurant at Adaaran Prestige Water Villas. Enjoy a fantastic dining experience in a warm and alluring setting complete with ambient lighting and rich decor. Choose the dishes of your liking from a variety of impressive local and international fare and a fine beverage to go with it.

Be transported to an oasis of relaxation at our luxury spa resort. Offering a rejuvenating spa experience, Chavana Spa features an amazing range of purifying treatments ensuring a cleansed feeling for both body and mind.

For those seeking a thrilling escapade, revel in the myriad of water sports the island offers. In these inviting warm waters, scuba diving is the perfect activity for the curious explorer who is intrigued by the splendour of nature’s finest offerings. Feast your eyes on magnificent stingrays and a variety of coral fish as they glide effortlessly through the water.

Enjoy a professionally-organised experience without a care.  Awaken on your special day to partake in a sumptuous champagne breakfast under the morning sun, and take in each splendiferous moment as the day unfolds before enjoying an elegant five-course dinner under the blanket of the night, surrounded by the invigorating sea breeze and the sound of the whispering waves.

Elegantly appointed and boasting pristine wooden interiors, Adaaran Prestige Water Villas offers 20 luxurious Water Villas in the heart of paradise. Each villa features a spacious sun deck, which presents an ideal setting to bask in the sun for hours and enjoy glimpses into the life beneath the waves through the glass portal.


Children are not accommodated at the Water Villas unless a disclaimer is signed by parents.