One of the south African’s favourite resorts, imposing and impressive, the elegent five-star Sugur Beach unfurls along the sun-
drenched, sheltered bay of Flic-en-Flac, bordered by crystalline waters, manicured gardens and one of the most picturesque
beaches on the island.

5 secret places you must visit on your Mauritius holiday

In Mauritius, dwells a compound of natural treasures, raveled with beauty and mystery. While you will spend time at your Mauritian island resorts in any one of the Sun Resorts hotels: Ambre, Sugar Beach, La Pirogue, and Long Beach, you will also discover the island under diverse perspectives. Your farniente journey extends beyond the beaches and shores, turquoise waves and sunny roof. At World Leisure Holidays, we craft your experiences with care and fun, sparked with adventure.

There are so many spots in Mauritius that are yet to be discovered. Any region of the country, particularly the coastal regions and deep forests reveal some distinct magic. The island is known for a selection of its main attractions and sites, reputed and visited regularly. However, others, more secretive and transcendent, will enchant you. We invite you to discover 5 secret places in Mauritius which will leave an imprint on you.

You might as well imagine… until it discloses…

Alexandra Falls

Iconic Alexandra Falls, located in the South West of Mauritius near Plaine Champagne, while heading towards Grand Bassin is amidst lush greens. As its name suggests, the waterfalls of Alexandra are an inspiring scenery. Located some 700 meters above sea level, the magnificent Alexandra Falls is found in the Black River Gorges National Park. The spot has a parking area with refreshment sellers, surrounded by paper trees and benches all around – a fairy tale chapter reminder. The waterfalls cascading over the rocky valleys from afar look like a silent water stream, calling for tranquility and smoothness. The temperature around Alexandra Falls is quite cold, but nevertheless comfy and compliant to the décor when the sun is shining bright above. The natural fauna and flora and sweet fragrances of the forest trees and woods are pure bliss. Literally.

Chamarel 7 Colored Earth

Chamarel 7 Colored Earth is famous and coveted but remains an all-time secret place. The reason being that this place unveils itself only when you experience it. Nature has its own ways of narrating stories and piquing our curiosity. The Chamarel Seven Colored Earth is a unique place in Mauritius – one of those surreal things that will leave you speechless in awe. With years of history, the Chamarel 7 Colored Earth has preserved its richness and beauty over the years, flawless, and astonishing. The seven colored earth is an 8.5-hectare park blending geology, education and conservation, combined with wonder and discovery. The park illustrates – like a chef d’oeuvre – 7 different colors of earth, a singular rainbow-hued spectacle.

Red, brown, violet, green, blue, purple, and yellow. The artistry of the earth at Chamarel is almost surreal, with lunar-like sand dunes unfolding before your eyes. Another one of nature’s wonders, set in green vegetation with surging multi-colored sand settled in different layers are one of the most photographed sites of the island. On the upper edge, the sights are majestic and uplifting on the vast amphitheater of gorges mixed with tropical vegetation and landscapes on the alluring Chamarel Waterfall afar.

The park is open all year round from 8.30 am to 5.30 pm in summer and winter for the interest of all ages! You can undertake other activities at the geopark to maximize on fun, namely at the Tortoise Park and the Souvenir Shop and indulge into treats at the Coffee shop.

Ile aux Fouquets

Also known as “The Lighthouse Island” – with Celtic twists and cues, Ile aux Fouquets, located in the South East of Mauritius in the bay of Grand Port is a vivid picture. Accessible by boat either from the east of Mauritius, that is from Trou d’Eau Douce or from the south, namely Blue Bay, the island is an instantaneous environment switch. You are directly immersed into the landscape and captivated by the lighthouse from afar while your speed boat gently approaches the island. Mesmerizing, impressive, and magnetic.

Built in 1864, the lighthouse was used in guiding ships to the port of Mahebourg which was long ago the main port of the island. No longer used today, the lighthouse still preserves its prestige and relates thousands of sailor’s stories, preciously hidden in the alleys of time and history. The island is a main attraction for sightseeing, set on 5 hectares which has witnessed the colonization and history of Mauritius.

Pont Naturel

The literal translation for “Natural Bridge”, the Pont Naturel is a pleasant surprise. Locals say that this site is nature’s way of gifting you with that VIP seat you’ve always wished for. Originated from a piece of volcanic rock that has been whittled by the wild waves, resulting in a crack in the middle. The sea, there, is rough and untamable, beautiful and intense, with waves up to 5m-high. All these aspects add up to a remarkable coastline which has developed over the years, known to the adventurers and nature lovers!

With cliffs scattered along the scenery, Pont Naturel is a different kind of serene. Unusual, rather, depicting nature’s clamor. The easiest way to get to Pont Naturel is by car through Trois Boutiques. Coming from the south-west, one simply has to take the first road of the village to the right. This is exactly where the Pont Naturel Road is found – where signs on rocks will guide to you to this exciting place!

The more, the merrier

Mauritius is a well of attraction sites and landscapes as mentioned. Other interesting places to visit are the following ones:

Walk under water

You know it right, holidays in Mauritius, rhyme with snorkeling sessions in the deep blue ocean. Walk under water and get astonished with the underworld and its rich reserves in the preserved marine park of Blue Way. All you need: a mask and a tuba and swimming skills! Getting below sea-level is really something. A boat takes you to the snorkeling spot in a secret location in the middle of the azures where you are invited to walk on the seabed, 5 metres deep to discover… Wait, did we say discover? This is an understatement. You will get immersed in the marine world (nearly 38 species of coral and more than 72 species of tropical fish) like no other. We are not saying more on this one.

Chateau de Labourdonnais

Since 1774, this building is still unknown to many locals since its recent opening to the public. Located on 540 hectares of private property in the north of Mauritius, at Mapou, Rivière du Rempart, the Chateau of Labourdonnais is a perfect getaway from crowds. The yard is set in luxurious atmospherics, with gardens, a restaurant, a vanilla plantation and an orchard.

Once you step in Mauritius, we greatly advise you to meet up and interect with the locals who are non-other else than the best guides on the island. Names and places you might hear as suggestions of places to visit (and which you should add to your list) could be the following, among others: Poste La Fayette, Marie Reine de La Paix, Le Morne, Pointe du Diable, Le Souffleur, Dutch Landing Place, Cap Malheureux, to name a few…

Have a great vacation. Bienvenue à Maurice !




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