Mauritius Weddings

Your unforgettable wedding day in Mauritius

At World Leisure Holidays, we’re big on love, romance and happily –ever–afters, and what better place to start your matrimonial adventure than in paradise?

To ensure that your big day is truly exceptional, our I-do-crew have put together a range of wedding packages in picture-perfect Mauritius to help you create the wedding you’ve always imagined. Whatever your dream – from flowers and food to the setting and the type of ceremony (religious or non-religious) – we can arrange it for you.

We will help you arrange every aspect of your wedding, including:

  • hair and makeup,
  • video, photographs, music,
  • colour scheme, catering, bouquets, buttonholes, and
  • the ceremony and reception.

Prefer a personal touch? Design your own magical wedding package! Whatever your dream, we will create it especially for you.

Leave it to us

There’s nothing more romantic than a wedding in Mauritius. It’s the stretches of pure white sand, fringing the crystal-clear azure waters of the Indian Ocean. It’s that wonderful sense that something special is happening – an extraordinary occasion in an exquisite setting.

At World Leisure Holidays we know that most brides have dreamed of a day like this, in a magnificent setting, with all the arrangements taken care of so that you can simply relish your big day. You want everything to be perfect, from the venue to the catering, and that is what we’re here to deliver. Mauritius provides the perfect backdrop; we do the rest.

Party on!

In the good old days, wedding celebrations went on for a week – pampering the bride and feasting with the guests. Isn’t it time we brought back that tradition? Why not make the most of your time on the island paradise and treat your guests to unforgettable matrimonial merriment? We can arrange a whole series of activities before and after the ceremony for you and your wedding party to enjoy, including:

  • Pre-wedding pampering at the spa
  • Under-the-sea exploration
  • Adrenalin pumping adventure

There’s so much to do, why miss out?

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The legal and logistical aspects of your Mauritius wedding

Arranging your ceremony

  • WLH hotels do not host weddings on weekends, so your wedding will take place during the week. Perfect excuse for a long weekend!
  • Your marriage will need to be registered again in South Africa on your return.
  • All ceremonies are legal but not religious. If you would like to have a religious ceremony, you will need to bring your own officiant, or request that our I-do-crew arrange one.


While we take care of the magic, you’ll need to handle the formalities of your marriage in Mauritius.

Make sure you file the papers on time

  • Eight weeks before the wedding in Mauritius, you must send an original unabridged birth certificate (for each of you) to the Mauritian civil status office. You must also get a certificate from the South African Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages stating that you are neither a Mauritian citizen nor a Mauritian resident.
  • Should you need to apply for unabridged birth certificates, please submit copies of all other documents in the meanwhile and send the copies of the unabridged birth certificates as soon as you receive them.
  • You will need to arrive on the island at least three working days before the date you’ve chosen for the ceremony in order to visit the Supreme Court. On the first working day that you’re in Mauritius, you will go to the Supreme Court and appear before a magistrate, who will check your birth certificates and passports and ask you to declare that you are not already married. After three working days, you’ll receive approval from the authorities, and you’ll be free to have your ceremony after 24 hours.
  • You must travel with all the original documents.

Each of you must submit the following documents

  • Copy of your passport.
  • Updated unabridged birth certificate, issued no earlier than 3 months before you travel.
  • Divorce decree if either of you have been married before.
  • Death certificate if either of you were married before or your partner passed away during the marriage.
  • A former wedding certificate if either of you have been married before.
  • Note the rules that apply to divorced women and widows:
    • A wedding can only be celebrated 300 days after the date of a divorce decree or the date of the death certificate of a former spouse.
    • Alternatively, a medical certificate needs to be provided stating that a spouse-to-be is not pregnant. This pregnancy test needs to be done in Mauritius by a recognised local practitioner. If the test is positive, the wedding cannot be held in Mauritius.
  • If your name has been officially changed, an official document reflecting that change of name.
  • ALL documents should be in either French or English (or official translated into either of those languages).
  • Proof of home address – where the wedding certificate can be sent.

Taking care of the formalities

  • The ‘formalities date’ is the day when couples go to the capital, Port-Louis for the official formalities.
  • Our Mauritius wedding crew will meet you in Port Louis and accompany you to complete the formalities.
  • If either of you do not speak or understand English or French, you will need the services of a translator
  • On the formalities date, you must apply for a Licence of Non-Citizenship from the office of the Chief Registrar.

Note: If you do not have an original birth certificate issued less than 3 months before the formalities date, you will have to swear an affidavit in the Supreme Court of Mauritius.

This document will then be presented to the relevant Civil Status Office where the ceremony will take place. The Civil Status Office will publish the banns for the wedding. The wedding can take place only 24 hours after the publication of the banns. The wedding will then be performed and the marriage certificate will be issued.

Renewing your vows

  • You should arrive on the island two working days before the date of the ceremony
  • WLH hotels do not host renewal ceremonies on weekends, so your ceremony will be held during the week.
  • The only documentation required is your marriage certificate.



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