Spa Experiences in Mauritius

Published Date: 12 Oct 2017

Nothing says “rest and relaxation” like an island holiday, especially when the island you’ve decided to visit happens to be Mauritius. Take it one step further by adding a spa treatment to your list of things to do, and you’re set to return home a new person. Here are some things we enjoy about the spas on offer at our Mauritian resorts.

Ayurvedic Treatments

Ayurveda is an ancient Indian healing tradition that most of the spas at our Mauritian resorts practise. The therapy itself has been practised for over five thousand years and is said to be “the science of life and longevity”. It is very holistic in its approach and leaves you feeling rejuvenated inside and out, and the therapists will provide you with guidance on how to restore physical, mental, social and spiritual harmony even when you’ve left the resort.

Magical Massages in Mauritius

All of the spas on the island offer different massages to suit different needs, from light pressure massages for relaxation, to massage that relieve deep-tissue tensions. Some spas even recommend treatments based on guests’ personalities, while others allow guests to personalise their massage by choosing their own essential oils.

Spa Couple’s Rooms

Whether you’re on honeymoon, a romantic getaway or have recently renewed your vows, there is nothing like a spa experience enjoyed with your loved one. You will reach new depths of relaxation together and can spend your time thinking about the future and what really matters to you, rather than focusing on the stresses that sometimes creep into relationships. Our couple’s rooms are all about exploring peace, tranquility and relaxation… together.

World-Class Products & Experienced Therapists

THÉMAÉ, Decléor Paris, Africology and Vichy are just some of the world-renowned brands that you can find in the Mauritian spas. Where spas don’t make use of such well-trusted brands, the essential oils and products are made using natural, local ingredients. The expert therapists will guide you in choosing the perfect ritual to get the most out of your spa experience, whether you want to de-stress or to re-centre yourself, they will ensure that with their expertise and the right treatments, you leave the spa feeling like a new person.

Location, Location, Location

Lily ponds, lagoons and indigenous flower gardens are just some of the breathtaking locations you can look forward to experience. When someone speaks of a “utopia”, these are the sights that come to mind. Your spa treatment will leave you feeling at peace with yourself and one with the gorgeous island of Mauritius.

Spectacular Additional Services

If you’re not one for massages, many of our resorts offer manicures, pedicures and other salon specialties. At Le St Geran, you can even enjoy a pedicure on the beach, upon request. They say change is as good as a holiday, but you can enjoy change while on holiday, whether it’s by enjoying a simple facial, hair treatment or a drastic change such as a completely new hairstyle. Other great services include yoga, pilates, fitness facilities and, in some cases, personal instructors to help you stay on top of your game while you’re away.

These are just some of the reasons to visit a spa while on holiday in Mauritius. These features of course aren't exclusive to Mauritius, they are abundant in all of our other resorts, whether it's the Maldives, Seychelles, Zanzibar, Mozambique or Reunion Island. Contact one of our experts today to find out which resort will suit you based on your spa and relaxation needs.